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Atkinson, Jason Assassination Scene – Various Authors
Baxter, Stephen The Long Earth
Belbin, David Bone & Cane
Cameron, Alex The Puzzle – Various Authors
Cheetham, Ben Sometimes the Only Way Out is In – Various Authors
Fenn, Charles Sum Net Gain
Finlay, SA Carnaval
Hardy, Paul R. The Last Man on Earth Club
Hietala, Heikki Tulagi Hotel
Hill, Charlie The Spaces Between Things
Hocking, Ian Deja Vu
Hurst-Nicholson, Jan But Can You Drink the Water?
Lambert, Charles All I want – Various Authors
Licht, Matthew Dave Tough’s Luck – Various Authors
Lyle, Ben Crannock House – Various Authors
MacNicol, Mark Coconut Badger
Marcus, Harvey How to Fall in Love With an Air Hostess – Various Authors
Marshall, Gary Coffin Dodgers
May, Lynsey Two Buses Away – Various Authors
Oliver, Kristofer Father of Emily
Pratchett, Terry The Long Earth
Rhodes, Danny A Covering of Leaves – Various Authors
Spalding, Nick The Cornerstone
Stumpp, Adrian Nativity – Various Authors
Terry, Teri Slated
Tomlin, J.R. A Kingdom’s Cost
Wallace, Jon Rex – Various Authors
White, Mark Ashraf Farouk; Tourist Police
Whittaker, Patrick Celia and Harold – Various Authors
Worth, Dan Exiles
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